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Greetings dear friends!
Don't forget to update your game client.

We continue to inform you of the work done and preparations for the start of the Triumph server on May 8, 18:30 Moscow time.

Today I will tell you about the progress of the OBT and what changes have been made in recent days. Testing showed that overall survival has increased significantly, any PvP has become much longer, and many professions and setups have good opportunities. In theory, the war should become more measured and defensive. We relate to edits as unbiased as possible, we cross-check a lot more than once and make a game of equal opportunities, while preserving the uniqueness of professions, setups and races for greater variability. I will not paint you all the insignificant little things in changing professions, on OBT you can see for yourself all the points that interest you, and now about more important changes:

- In addition with the increase in survival, it was decided to increase the cooldown of resurrections from physical supports by 20 seconds.

- The keeper of the forest, “Cube of Light” - the skill is completely redone, now the Cube of Light will greatly increase the overall defense for a short period of time, and quickly restore part of his health and fighting spirit. Action time is 6 seconds (cooldowns and parameters are similar to analogues).

- The elemental master received increased magical attack and critical magic power in all elements.

- The Ripper profession has been strengthened.

- The professions Wall Archer and Phoenix Archer have been strengthened.

- The Sage profession has been strengthened.

- Bonecrusher, “Death Clash” added a ban on re-applying the effect of 20 seconds.

- Child of Darkness, Shroud of Darkness now removes all harassment.

- Daggers got a chance in addition to strikes with attacking skills.

- The Wanderer was strengthened and got the opportunity to stun the target, using the ability to "throw a knife."

- Spear-bearer of fate, “Cross of fate” reduced protection from curses and control.

- The dark cardinal, who earlier transmitted the Holy Shield skill through communication, now still transmits, but the Allies are fixed for 4 seconds.

- Soul Guide, “Soul Explosion” is now 100% only blocks the restoration of mental energy, and the restoration of vitality and fighting spirit by 50%.

- Forest Defender, “Group Boost, Attack” decreases the speed of attacks and casting spells, as well as the chance of critical attacks.

- Also, many other minor edits were made, according to the characteristics and rollbacks, but in more detail you can look at the MBT.

Now a little about the plans for the tournament:

- 7 people in a group. Restrictions on professions: physical calipers - 2, magic calipers - 2, knights - 2.

- The application for the tournament will begin on May 11th (a separate topic with detailed instructions will be released). And the first stage will begin on May 17th on Sunday.

- There will be no restrictions on the level and equipment.

- The essence of the tournament is to show not only the ability to press buttons, but also the ability to develop in the EndlessWar world.

- We will take all the battle rules from the last tournament.

- The tournament will be held in 3 stages, the first stage is qualifying - the mode of conducting will depend on the number of teams, if there are too many, then the mode for relegation, if the average number, then small groups (each with each), from which they will exit to the second stage 1 -2 teams. The number of days of the stage from one to 3.

- The second stage is a group one. 2 groups of 10-12 players will be created, each with each mode. The number of days from 3 to 5.

- The third stage is the final tournament in the grid with losers. Duration from 2 to 4 days.

- In total, the total time of the tournament from start to finish will take about 3 months.

- The initial prize fund of the tournament is 100,000 rubles + eternal memory to the winners (an eternal honor board will be created for this in the game and on the site). Prizes will be distributed among the participants of the last stage as a percentage, depending on the overall place.

- For all fights, a schedule will be drawn up in advance, failure to appear for any reason = defeat.

- The administration has the right to make any changes and new rules during the tournament.

Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

EndlessWar team.