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    Greetings dear friends!
    Summer is almost over so new gaming season up ahead! Today we want to share with you some news and our progression!

    We are currently working on new game design by adding and enhancing game mechanics. That's why all kind of players will be able to know the game from another side by creating new meta, new builds and stats on their own character. We are planning on creating tools that will allowed you to make your character unique.

    We divided our team in new groups that will be in charge of their own mission. 1st one will be in charge of game developing and second one of balance. Lots of work have been done and many ahead! So here is some news for you today!

    - We exclude damage reduction formula from the game.
    - Physical damage reduction influence increased x2. Magic resist increase 50%.
    - We added new DD formula for classes such as Light, Heavy DD and Archers. There is new dependence on physical attack and critical strike power for Skills. This will allow you to create critical and physical builds of your own on any stage of the game.
    - Formula with random skill enhancement for light dd classes were excluded.
    - Butcher. Skill that allows you to dodge spells were added.
    - Dodge spell mechanics now allows you to dodge AOE damage even though you are not the target.
    - AOE damage mechanics were enhanced. Now you have 100% hit rate chance for the target if it is in the range of ability.
    - AOE for all spellcasters were reworked. Your target always gets 100% of damage. There will be further calculations. Total 2 targets (Main target 100%, second target 80%). For 3 ( Main target 100%, both secondary targets 70%). 4 and more 50%.
    - All DD spellcasters can enhance their cast speed effectively now.
    - All short buffs of spellcasters no longer interrupt actions and movement.
    - For most of the 1-2 sec control skills were added 2 sec control immunity.
    - Control immunity duration buff were reduced from 6 to 5 secs.
    - For the EL maces were added healing power enhancement buff.
    - Healing for all support classes can be enhance in cast speed, cooldown reduction. Healing power reduced x2. Now you healing less but can heal overall faster.
    - Mass Heal for all support classes were reworked. Now this is target spell with greater healing power. Additionally it will heal 80% amount to your group members in 300 radius around the target. You can use it on targets that is not in your group but AOE will work only on party members.
    - All changes above also applied for CP support classes. Overall damage was reduced, so there is no need in big restoration amount.
    - MP recovery amount for all magic support were reduced for 30-35%.
    - Spirit Links for all magic supports were reworked. Mental Flow now needs constant 4000 MP. And vampirism ceiling for 20k. Life Flow 4000 HP. Spirit Flow 4000 CP as well. We are trying to make HP\MP\CP boost builds usable.
    - Increased critical strike chance for all dagger classes skills. Even though we reworked Physical Resistance formula damage for dagger classes should be high enough.
    - Damage for over critical hits were reduced for mage and archer classes. Overall damage now should be more predictable.
    - Critical Damage for Archer classes were reduced. We are planning to compensate damage with new damage formula for skills.
    - Talants against archers and daggers were removed.
    - Damage reduction for critical strikes and arrows for tanks were reduced.

    This changes were made to balance PvP and PvE in the game. More info about class changes and new in-game mechanics in our next post.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
    EndlessWar team.
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