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Good day, dear users.
We continue to work on plans, and we want to tell you about the progress of work.

- Visual change of auras:

1) Now the Leader of the faction will have the former aura of the hero (orange circle).
2) Generals of the faction will have the usual blue aura.
3) Heroes will have the former aura of the race leader.
4) Now the Faction Leader and Generals can be both heroes and top assassins, hunters, gatherers and thug. Auras will stack. The character's parameters window will display the highest available statuses.
- Now the resurrection of the general will only work in the active siege zone.
- Added new status "Thug". By completing orders of the auction of death, you will receive 3 assassin points or 4 points if the target itself was in the thug rating. At the end of the week, the player who takes 1st place will receive the status of "Thug" for 7 days and he will be given the skill of the same name, which will increase the reward for completing orders by 20%, as well as the skill "Theft", with which you will be able to steal 50% of the available gold from a defeated player.
- Now Faction Leaders do not need to buy a Battle Flag to participate in a castle siege. After the start of the siege, the flag will appear automatically for all factions.
- For monsters and characters, a system of minimum values of characteristics has been made, at which these characteristics cannot be reduced below these marks.
- There are plans to add the ability to pull out "Runes of Energy" from items, the cost of the procedure is 500,000 gold, the chance of successful pulling out is 80%.
- Bonus for attack on monsters and experience will be removed. Instead, the bonus to fame and salary received will be increased.
- The task "Defense and seizure of territories" - now the time to complete is not 18, but 60 hours. The rewards and difficulty of the tasks do not change, you can pick up the reward at the time of completing all the points. A new quest can be taken either after completing the previous one, or after a daily update (if the previous quest was completed earlier).

- Changes in caravans:

1) Waves of monsters have been removed from all routes.
2) Now you can register and attack on any caravan in the range of character levels 75-100.
3) Registration for the caravan is now possible only in one window.
4) Rewards for guards and robbers will now receive a bonus to the previous reward depending on the character's level range.
5) Now, during registration, it is possible to pre-order resources at the best price. The maximum size of a pre-order for each resource depends on the range of character levels (Gold is taken immediately upon pre-order).
6) At the end of the journey, you will receive a reward + your order. The purchase of resources at the end of the path has been removed.
7) The time for which you can move away from the caravan during its protection has been increased from 5 to 10 minutes.
8) When the caravan is destroyed, the robbers will immediately receive a part of the gold (from pre-orders). To get your share, you must fulfill the following conditions - character level 75-100, is in the caravan zone (3000 radius) and be alive. The gold will be divided equally among all the robbers who suit into these conditions.
9) Now the guards of the caravan after death can, after 30 seconds and within 5 minutes, move back to the caravan using the help gate.
10) Weak factions will receive a strengthening of their caravans and increased damage to enemy caravans.
11) Changed the escort time for the caravan. Still every day, but now only once. The conditions for the presence of a city and a caravan post remain the same. The exact time of the caravans Moscow time. Also, now caravans will cycle every other day, for 2 factions, then for the other two.
- Changes in achievements:

1) Now there are 3 types of rewards in achievements. For the first 3 who completed, for 4-10 who completed and for 11+ who completed.
2) Coins of the gods, gold, salary and glory have been added to the rewards, in different achievements in different ways, you can familiarize yourself with this in more detail in the knowledge base (after updating) or on the OBT.
3) Now the interface of achievements will display the nicknames of the first 3 who completed this achievement and how many they completed in general.
4) Now rating points for achievements and the very fact of completion will be counted immediately after reaching the conditions, and you can pick up the reward at any time.
5) If the achievement is performed simultaneously by several people, then the places of implementation are determined randomly.
6) Most of the achievements have been slightly changed, extended by stages, or requirements have been reduced. Some achievements have been completely removed.
7) The achievement for killing bosses has been changed, now to complete it you need to be near any boss at the time of the kill. The achievement will only be credited to 20 random players who take part in the kill and are guaranteed the guild, the group of which will deal more damage to the boss.
8) Added achievements for the number of waves passed in the Abyssal Fissure.
9) Achievement "Brew potions of alchemy", now any potions of any level are counted.
10) Achievement for the number of salaries, defender icons, reputation points - now have a progress in obtaining and to complete them do not need to accumulate in the inventory.
11) Removed section of achievements "Rare things".
12) Section "Merits and Military Actions" is divided into two sections "Merits" and "Military Actions".
13) Reaching the siege of the guild fortresses, now to complete it, it is enough to lower the side flag.

- Points of movement to the "Continent" through the keeper of the portal are now available to the factions occupying the 3rd and 4th places in the rating.

- For all factions in the "Continent" section, a static movement point "Western Abandoned Farms" has been added, which is always available and does not depend on the position of the faction in the rating. Travel cost 1000 gold.

In the next news, we will tell you more about the artifacts dropped from bosses.

Best Regards,
EndlessWar Team !!!