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  1. maycon

    maycon Игрок Игрок

    all npcs of the game in the english version of the client are with html errors, therefore, players who do not understand russian cannot play the server. please get it fast, as we’ve been out today without playing because of this problem.
  2. maycon

    maycon Игрок Игрок

    all game npcs are in error, error in the Game Server / data / html-en
    it is not possible to view any npc in the client's English mode. the server loses thousands of players for not having support in English, because English is the easiest and most spoken language in the whole world.
  3. DuHaDuH

    DuHaDuH Игрок

    Помоги зарубежной публике.
    Наверно Греки с прошлого серва.
  4. DuHaDuH

    DuHaDuH Игрок

    + @Elias Dant
  5. JackieNakie

    JackieNakie Игрок

    Помогите thousands of players
  6. y3u

    y3u Игрок

  7. Atom

    Atom Модератор Команда EndlessWar Модератор Игрок

    Please send ur mеssage through privat cabinet.
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  8. maycon

    maycon Игрок Игрок

    I am 2 days trying to understand Russian, but it is impossible. I sent the message in the cabinet and I await the repair in English mode of game client, thank you all and have a good game.

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