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Greetings, dear players!
Today we are going to tell you more about the changes in professions and classes!

At the moment, we do not have time to correct the descriptions of professions (under the possibility of using all professions by all races), the names and descriptions of the skills of some professions. We plan to do this one by one. The mechanics and effects will work correctly, but on rare occasions you may encounter, for example, non-aesthetic animations or style descriptions (Leap of the gnome, although you will have an elf).


- CP supports are removed from the game.
- Made limitation to a maximum of 2 healers in the group.
- Healers got the opportunity to switch between the restoration of HP and CP.
(spells have a general cooldown and simply change their essence, and switching stances does not interfere in any way during a fight or movement).
- The group five-minute buffs have been removed from the healers, but the "Call the gate" and "Mental support" have been added.
- Basic healing skills have been slightly changed in strength and cooldowns, you can look at this in more detail during OBT.

Now the changes are more specific for each profession in the class of healers:

- Servant "Lethargic Dream" duration has been reduced from 6 to 5 seconds. (Similar СС for all healers, got the same changes).
- Servant "Holy Protection" increased the cooldown of the spell by 3 seconds. (Similar damage-blocking healing buffs have received the same changes.)

- Oracle "Time Loop" control has been converted into a similar full control, blocking any actions for 5 seconds.
- Oracle "Ritual of life" and "Blessing of life" reduced control resistance bonus.
- Oracle "Time Warp" completely removed.

- Death Priest "Blood Ritual" (exchange of your health with the health of the enemy), the skill has been removed.
- Death Priest "Ritual of Salvation" has been added, which allows you to almost instantly move the selected party member to yourself. Additionally, your ally will receive demonic protection, which protects against curses and control effects, and also increases the regeneration of vitality and morale. Has a fixed rollback. Can be used on yourself to get demonic protection.

- Healer "Rabbit Mantra" has been reworked into "Control Mantra" and now works like analogs, full control for 5 seconds with great protection from purification.
- Healer "Immunity" has been completely changed. Now it acts only on the selected target and protects against negative spells and control effects for 6 seconds. Has a fixed rollback.
- Healer "Effective Drug" group enhancement has been completely redesigned. Now it is a group buff that will increase the movement speed, attack speed and casting speed, physical and magical attack for the whole group for 14-20 seconds.

- Helix "Blessing of Helix" skill has been added (formerly, "Blessing of the Lake Spirit" with minor changes). Helix is able to perform a rite of blessing with the help of magical pollen. During the ceremony, Helix will be completely invulnerable to enemies (1 second). Party members in the middle radius will receive protection for a short period of time (2 seconds), which will reduce the damage they do. After the end of the defense, the party members will also receive enhanced vitality regeneration (for 6 seconds). Opponents who have fallen under the influence of magic pollen will be cursed, all their regeneration will be reversed (this curse is difficult to clear). Has a fixed rollback.

Changes in the archer class:

- Wall Archer "Heavy Arrows" is now a fully passive skill and no longer takes 10 units of movement speed.
- Wall Archer "Arrow Boost" buff has been reworked. Wall Archer buffs his next 3 arrows, they will hit the enemy 100 percent and deal increased critical damage. Also, after the first shot, the enemy will receive a wound, which will further slow him down. The wound cannot be cleansed. Cooldown is fixed.
- Wall Archer "Strong Shot" changed to "Strong Stun Shot" and now additionally stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.

- Phoenix Archer "Strong Shot" has been changed to Strong Stun Shot and now additionally stuns the enemy for 3 seconds.
- Phoenix Archer "Rapid Arrows" have been reworked to Rapid Empowered Arrows. Now the skill allows you to use the next 3 shots as quickly as possible, which will deal 100% increased critical damage and have a longer range. Cooldown is fixed.
- Phoenix Archer "Phoenix Energy Surge" no longer stuns the enemy, instead applies a curse for 4 seconds, reducing the target's movement speed and physical defense.
- Phoenix Archer "Phoenix Energy" increased additional fixed damage when released.

- Moon Archer "Combat tactics", "Defense" the bonuses of physical attack and accuracy have been removed, but the increase in overall defense has been increased.

- Child of the forest "Skillful Shot" no longer stuns the enemy, now just imposes the "Break" curse on the enemy, greatly reducing physical defense, movement speed speed, attack speed and casting spells.
- Child of the Forest added an additional active skill "Stunning Shot", stuns the enemy for 3 seconds and additionally deals minor damage.
- Child of the Forest "Target Shooting" has been reworked. Now allows you to use the next 3 shots as quickly as possible, which will hit 100 percent and inflict increased critical damage, and all shots will have additional fixed damage to the target.
- Child of the forest "Maximum Evasion" changed to "Defensive Effect". Now greatly increases General Defense, Physical Attack, and Accuracy for 6 seconds. Cooldown is fixed.

- Ghost "Ghost Armor" has been reworked. Now greatly increases General Defense, Physical Attack, and Accuracy for 6 seconds. Cooldown is fixed.

- Doom archer "Reinforced Arrows" removed the chance of micro-stunning, now instead the enemy will be slowed down and get bleeding.
- Doom Archer "Fatal Rebuff" buff has been reworked. Now greatly increases General Defense, Physical Attack, and Accuracy for 6 seconds. Cooldown is fixed.
- Doom Archer "Orc's Fury" increased the increase in attack speed.

- Sapper after the jump, the mechanic of resetting the pursuit has been added.
- Sapper "Master Demolition", now does not give out two switchable stances when learning, the characteristics are added to the skill in a balanced way. Also, the mechanic of chance mass fear is now absent, only an explosion remained in its former form.
- Sapper "Dynamite Arrow" now only stuns the target.
- Sapper "Defensive Fire" buff has been completely reworked. Now will increase attack speed for the next 3 shots, which will 100% hit the enemy and deal increased critical damage. Cooldown is fixed.

- Farsia "Poisoned Arrows" removed chance microparalysis, now instead the enemy will be slowed down and poisoned.
- Farsia "Secret Defense of Farsia" has been reworked. Now greatly increases General Defense, Physical Attack, and Accuracy for 6 seconds. Coolodwn is fixed.

Changes in the dagger class:

- Marauder "Fake Death" skill removed.
- Marauder added a new skill "Hiding in the shadows", which allows you to become invisible to opponents for 10 seconds and the first strike from invisibility will have an increased critical power.

- Wanderer "Wanderer's cunning" no longer gives the tricks "Forbid words" and "Trick", only "Theft of accuracy" remains.
- Wanderer "Change of Places", now if the enemy is under the effect of protection from control or holy shield, you will not be able to use the skill.

- Assassin "Lethal force" enhancement now works not for 1 hit, but for all 15 seconds. Strengthening no longer has an increased chance to immediately kill the enemy, only increased physical attack, critical attack power, agility and accuracy.

- Saboteur "Sabotage jump" now makes instant teleportation behind the enemy's back (instead of jumping).
- Saboteur "Strength of Dwarfs" removed the mechanic of reducing damage to the face, instead added the mechanic of additional outgoing damage to the sides and back of the enemy.

- Shadow hunter “Phantom defense” reduced the chance of absolute dodge by 3%.
- Shadow hunter "Ghost Hunt" reduced the duration of the curse on the enemy to 8 seconds.

Knights Changes:

- For all knights and warriors in heavy armor, the base healing power of the "Recovery" skill has been reduced.

- Defender of the Forest "Elven Knight" increased the chance from 10 to 20 percent that "Massive Circular Taunt" will have a 2 second cooldown.
- Defender of the Forest "Circular attack" effect "Slow" will now additionally inflict damage over time.
- Defender of the Forest "Quick Dash" now additionally stuns the target for 1 second, without further protection from control.
- Defender of the Forest "Crushing swing" effect on opponents "Crush" removed reducing of physical and magical protection, added reducing effectiveness of treatment and periodic damage.
- Defender of the Forest "Group Enhancement" skill has been reworked and divided into two active skills, independent of the choice of "Combat tactics". "Group protection" for 4 seconds will greatly increase your movement speed, regeneration of HP and will absorb most of the damage. Cooldown is fixed. "Group reinforcement" will increase the attack speed, magic and movement for 12 seconds, physical and magical attacks, as well as attacks and magic will hit opponents 100 percent.

- Chaos Knight "Circular Chaos Slash" is now cast for 1 second (instead of 2), and opponents will also receive a curse for 6 seconds "Destruction of Chaos", which reduces overall defense, healing effectiveness and inflicting periodic damage.
- Chaos Knight "Harbinger of Chaos" is now used instantly, also now paralyzes only one target for 1 second, without further protection from control.
- Chaos Knight "Chaos Lord's Armor" removed passive protection from fear. Now horror is triggered not upon death, but upon reaching 20% of HP, and now the number of targets for "Horror" at all levels is 6. The duration of the "Horror" effect has been reduced from 4 to 3 seconds, the effect of protection from control from 5 to 1 second.
- Chaos Knight "Spirit of Chaos" - the reduction of cooldowns has been removed, and now, at the end of this effect, the group will receive an additional "Enhancement of Chaos" for 10 seconds, which increases physical and magical attack.

- Destroyer "Destructive blow" to the "Slow" effect added periodic damage.
- Destroyer "Destructive Onslaught" removed mass control at the final point, now only stuns the target for 1 second. Also, after micro-stunning, no control protection will follow.

- Magneto the effect on opponents of "Magnetic Vortex" is reduced the amount of effectiveness of healing to the level of similar curses.
- Magneto "Flawless Dwarven Armor" removed mechanics partially absorbing critical attacks in the back and sides.
- Magneto "Jumping attack" effect for 1 second "Stun" - removed the subsequent protection from control.

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Best Regards,

EndlessWar Team!