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    Greetings dear friends!
    Today we are going to tell you about nearest future changes.

    - Now we are working on transfer achievement progress among account characters.
    - Class masters are able to swap specific race mounts.
    - Now you can only target translucent target by mouse. You can not target it with macros, command or action.
    - All supports gain increased mob nukes. There is a chance 30% to make it AoE. This changes will make farm easier.
    - Dagger classes can use bows now. Not critical strikes will accumulate stacks of "Deadly Arrow" and make next attack critical and 20% more powerful as soon as there will be 3. This changes will make game play easier after level 70.
    - New Knight classes are gain passive that decreases damage from all strong monsters in the game like boss and e.t.c.

    - We are currently testing farming abilities of all classes to balance it even more.
    - System of agro was also reworked. Increased radius and time of agro after mass Provoke.
    - Dagger classes gain new steal mechanic that allows them to steal random recourse from your target.

    - We are working on three new farm locations. All monsters will be enhanced, with new abilities and HP regeneration. This new farm spots will suits for group farmers and for solo players who lacks of AoE spells. There will nothing new in drop list, this spots are made as alternatives.

    - We also fixed a lot of bugs, issues, visual effects. New 90+ content is in develop. New talent system is taking to much time but we are hoping to make it work just in time.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
    EndlessWar team.
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