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Good day, dear users!
We continue to work on plans and want to tell you about the progress of work.

- Increased the number of relics collected per day from 200 to 300.
- Increased the number of crystals mined in the ant cave from 500 to 1000 per holding period.

Additions to change professions:

- Butcher, skill "Butcher", now the skill "Strike with a cleaver" will additionally reduce physical defense by 16% (3 seconds), instead of stunning for 1 second.
- Sniper, the range of all attacking skills has been reduced to the level of counterparts.
- Sniper, skill "Sniper Shooting" reduced the bonus range of attacks and skills by about 50 units.

Further changes in the drop:

- Made new "Resource Bags" for locations starting from level 60. The chance of drop increases with the level of locations.
- "Bag of resources" in locations 80+ significantly increased the drop rate and the amount of resources dropped by 3-4 times.
- The amount of gold has been increased for the traveler's chests that drop from ordinary monsters. Also, now in these chests with a chance can drop enhancing spheres. Elite chests and Precious boxes are removed in the usual drop from monsters.
- Now in El and Ma ranks there is only one type of Sack, its drop rate is significantly increased and everything will drop from it, except for weapons and armor.
- For weapon drops, a separate chest was made for Top el rank, Low Ma and Top Ma. The chance of a weapon dropping from a chest is 100%. The chances of dropping inside the chest are divided equally between the types of weapons.
- A separate chest for all ranks has also been made for armor drops. The chance to drop armor from the chest is 100%, the chances are divided equally between the types of armor.
- Added top El shields to chests with El rank armor.
- Elite Chest - Elite grade jewelry has been removed, and a drop of the Elite Rank Symbol of Excellence has been added with a small chance.
- Precious Chest - Added a drop of Ma rank Symbol of Excellence with a small chance.
- Hunter's Talisman no longer requires ingredients from monsters to upgrade.
- Demonic blood from normal monsters will now drop when ripping at level 84+ monsters.
- All champions are now boosted, their stats and drop have been increased. The drop of unique resources has also been significantly increased.
- Squads also got stronger. 1) Now the recipe for El rank bracelets drops from the 70-79 stage squads, and the drop of resources and gold is greatly increased. 2) The drop of El and Ma recipes for bracelets is increased by 5-6 times. 3) Changed the respawn time of squads 70-79 (2h + 2h) \ 80-86 (5h + 2h) \ 87+ (7h + 2h).
- The prices of drops from monsters when selling to the store have been updated, in accordance with the changes.
- Increased the chances of getting valuable items in the Tomb of the Ancients 70+ and 80+.
- Updated drop in locations on the instructions of the gatekeeper.
- Changed and updated the group monsters on the upper floors of the Tower of Insolence, namely their strength and drop from them.
- Significantly reduced the loss of fur and skin when cutting monsters.
- Significantly reduced the dropout of alchemical resources when ripping monsters.

Changes in the creation of things:

- Search for top eaten weapons (80% chance, 2000 alloy \ 1000 saw cut).
- Search for top eaten armor (80% chance, 500 alloy \ 1000 fabrication \ 1000 fabric).
- Search for top eaten shields (80% chance, 1500 alloy \ 1500 saw cut).
- Search for low Ma weapons (95% chance, 80 ingots \ 40 bars).
- Search for low Ma armor (95% chance, 20 ingots \ 50 drape \ 50 velor).
- Search for top Ma weapons (70% chance, 200 ingots \ 120 bars).
- Search for top Ma armor (75% chance, 60 ingots \ 150 drape \ 150 velor).

- Significantly reduced the cost of crafting EL, low Ma and top Ma armor, shields and weapons. You can get acquainted with the detailed changes after updating the knowledge base.
- Changed the craft of El bracelets (1500 placers \ 300 alloy \ 300 gold alloy \ 300 azure \ 50 brig \ 20 sapphires \ 30,000 resin \ 30,000 catalyst)
- Changed the craft of MA bracelets (50 pearl \ 15 ingots \ 15 gold ingots \ 1500 azure \ 150 brig \ 120 sapphires \ 100,000 resin \ 100,000 catalyst \ 50 dust)
- The system of breaking weapons and armor has been updated for new changes.

Alchemy changes:

- Black Mercury is no longer required to craft Level 7 Potions, but Level 6 and 7 Concentrates will require 1 and 3 Black Mercury, respectively.
- Increased the amount of required alchemical resources (obtained by cutting from monsters) to create alchemical ingredients.

Changes in talents:

- Removed all talents from the resistance category.
- The talent "Protection from monsters" has been removed.
- Obtaining talent points - 120 points you get during the training, and then at certain levels.
- Now all talents have 20 levels. 16+ levels can be learned from level 90, they require 6 talent points, and the rollback cost is 20,000 gold.
- When you learn a talent up to level 20, you additionally get a special skill. Later in the knowledge base there will be an opportunity for detailed acquaintance.

In the next news, we will tell you more about the changes and innovations in the achievement system.

Best regards,
EndlessWar Team !!!