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Greetings dear players!

- Alchemist "Knowledge of Alchemy", "Mad Alchemist" and amplification "Mad Experiment", increased the increase in magical attack. In total + 12%.

- Master of Elements "Elemental Skill" "Invisibility" reduced the cooldown to 40 seconds and now it is fixed.
- Master of Elements " Sweep" curse from the spell "Elementals" (Sweep), reduced the duration to 5 seconds.
- Master of Elements "Absolute protection of the elements" now has a fixed cooldown.
- Master of Elements "Teleport" cooldown increased to 16 seconds.
- Master of Elements reduced the distance of the knockback from the "Elemental Skill (Knockback)" spell.
- Master of Elements fixed a bug due to which most of his prepared combinations were removed when moving to the Olymp.

- Swordsman of blood "Paralysis" from the skill "Explosion of blood", reduced the duration to 2 seconds.

- Water elemental "Knowledge water Elements" now for extra damage requires 3 charge that accumulates during critical strikes magic instead of 7

- The Servant chance for recast for spell "Preacher", now works only on "Sermon" and "Confession".

- The Priest of Death "Sacrifice" has been renamed to "Gift of Death" and now, when used, does not take away 40% of the HP of the Priest himself.

- Doom Archer fixed a bug due to which the "Horde Archer" skill did not give bonuses from nearby representatives of your faction.

- Fixed errors related to the display of different professions in the Alt + B rating. Also, bugs with the filter of professions by faction and archetype have been fixed.

- Bonecrusher, fixed a bug due to which the "Stun" from the "Bonecrusher" skill had a 100% chance during critical attacks with a two-handed hammer.

- Sapper "Conceal Camouflage" buff no longer interrupts auto attack.

- Child of Darkness "Unstoppable Force of Darkness", bug fixed, when ability worked under the effects of control.

More fixes.

- Fixed errors in the description of skills, system messages, etc.
- Added bracelets to the "Equipment" in OBT button.
- The maximum level that can be obtained through the OBT function is now 90.
- Fixed bugs with the increase in characteristics from the Mercenaries buffs.
- Added the ability to view the subclasses of the selected player in the Alt + B rating.
- In the Jeweler's "Jewelry" section, the cost of all stones for modifying weapons, armor and jewelry (sharpening) has been reduced, when exchanged for Ant Cave Crystals.
- Fixed a bug with the issuance of Reputation Points in the Group Arena.
- Removed the issue of the "Novice's Chest" upon reaching level 50 in the faction occupying the last place.
- Now, when buying mounts from the Masters, you will be presented with a choice based on the selected race (model). Racial mounts of other races will not be available for use.
- Reduced the impact of Combat Experience on Personal Rating. Now 100 BP = 1 rating point.
- Fixed a bug due to which, when creating a character, the online bonus of the faction was displayed incorrectly.

EndlessWar Team!