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Greetings dear players! In this announcement, we would like to share the changes that will be available on 05/31/2021 after the scheduled server restart!

- Added limited ability to change faction from Horde to Empire in the amount of 20 people. The number of available slots may be increased in the future.

Minimum level for changing factions is 75

Cost - free

Requirements for players who decide to change factions :

1. You do not have to be a Faction Leader, General, Veteran or a candidate for Faction Leader.
2. If you are the Leader of the Order or Guild, you must expel all members.
3. If you are a Guild Leader, then you should not have active applications in the "Recruiting" menu.
4. You must be in the main class.
5. You must meet all the requirements.
6. You should not have an active intel mission or observation tower.

You will lose Top Assassin, Top Hunter, and Top Gatherer status if you are.

- Now, if a faction holds an outpost for more than 3 days, then after 72 hours the outpost will be destroyed and transferred to neutral possessions. Level 6 fortifications will be added and the standard defense (Resist) will be enabled.

In connection with this update, all outposts after the restart will be transferred to neutral possessions.

- Ether Catalyst adds the chance of receiving an item will now be increased, rather than its quantity.

- The skill of the Order Leader "Strengthening the Order" - fixed a bug due to terrain collision some members of the Order did not receive a boost.

- Priest of death "Ritual of salvation" fixed a bug due to which the spell did not attract an ally if it had the effect of "Holy Shield" or "Protection from control".

- Priest of Death "Demonic protection" from the spell "Ritual of Salvation", fixed a bug due to which the enhancement did not protect against negative skills and spells.

- Inquisitor, Angel Wings enhancement damage block do not work during "Wooden Protector" event.

- Dagger class skill "Intuition", now evasion does not work on the "Wooden Protector" event.

- Swordsman of Blood "Enchanted Demonic Armor" skill, now damage blocking does not work in the "Wooden Protector" event.

EndlessWar Team!