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Good day, dear users.
We continue to work on improving the project and want to tell you about the progress and in more detail about some of the changes.

By the end of September, the implementation of the unique talents 90+ will be fully completed.

A way is already being prepared to integrate all the information into our Database so that you can familiarize yourself with everything.

- Removed the SP requirement for learning skills and, therefore, removed the SP acquisition in all game aspects.
- Also removed the requirement of the master's recommendation for learning skills. And in general, the task for the "Recommendation of the head of the race" has been removed.
- Adjusted (reduced) skill prices. Also, the gold requirement has been added to skills that were previously learned using the recommendations of the master. Everything is done to make it easier to get skills up to level 87, both in terms of time and cost.
- Changed tutorial and stage 1-50 levels. The time it takes to complete it will take no more than 10 minutes. And it includes the following steps.

* Create a character, talk to the recruit master.
*Next, you have to visit most of the capital's NPCs to get starting equipment, skills and abilities.
*Talk with skill masters and choosing a profession (you will immediately receive all the skills available at level 50).
*Next, the Weaponmaster will give you a suitable top EX weapon, depending on your profession.
*The Armor Master will give top EX armor and a shield for Supports and DD mages.
*The Jeweler will give an EX grade protection talisman.
*The Supplier will give an EX belt, a master bag (with the maximum number of slots), and 10 lockpicks for step 50-69.
*The Artisan will teach you all the skills of the craft available at level 50, and will also give you a tool for collecting resources (pickaxe, ax, sickle).
*Further, the Head of the faction will give you a set of awards for the salary of the 5th level immediately.
*Further, Your Master will give you 120 talent points.
*Next, the Alchemist will give you a whole set of supplies for the recruit. Includes:
3 Scrolls of Summoning Assistant Collector, 3 Scrolls of Summon Agathion, 5 Enhanced Agathion Potions, 5 Balanced Level 4 Potions, 5 Magic Recovery Potions, 2 Haste Potions for Level 50-59 and 3 Haste Potions for 60 -69 levels, 1 Drink of vigor, 1 Bottle for collecting blood (volume 500), 3 Scrolls "Gate of return", 2 Scrolls of movement (South Shore), 2 Scrolls of movement (Swamp gabila), 2 scrolls of movement (Plain of the Orcs). Also, alchemy training will be activated automatically.
*Then a conversation with the Gatekeeper (to activate the collection of "Shards of relics"), a conversation with the Master of recruits and the final conversation with the Keeper of the Portal to complete the training.
*Further, you will already have level 50 and complete freedom in the open world.

- Top EX armor, shields and weapons - characteristics are equal to middle EL.
- Low and Middle EL armor will become top EL (for visual variety).
- Low and Middle weapons will be removed. EX relic, will become EL relic.
- Of course, everything related to BA and EX things and equipment has been removed from the game, except for Top EX (it has been added to the stores of the capital and is given to beginners). Therefore, EX cannot be enhanced.
- The characteristics of the low MA are equated to the middle MA, and the middle MA can now be worn from level 80 and it will be considered the low MA.
- There will now be only 1 set of salary rewards that you receive during training. Removed other ways to get rewards. You can assign the parameters of this kit to each subclass separately.
- Due to the fact that there will now be 1 set of jewelry, DD Mages, Supports and Knights will be changed. You will learn about all the changes in these archetypes in the following news.
- The basic parameters of all races have been aligned and now they look like this:
INT - 28
STR - 26
CON - 34
MEN - 33
DEX - 26
WIT - 27

- The counter of the number of deaths will be removed.
- The kill counter has been changed and will display the number of kill points, which will depend on several factors, including in which zone you killed the enemy (in the siege zone you will get more points).
- Changed location for the market

Work continues on the development and expansion of 90+ content.

In parallel, work is underway on changing and updating stage 50-87, which includes updating quests, leveling, drops from monsters, etc.

And also we are engaged in a lot of improvements and innovations, which we will tell about in the next news.

Best Regards,
EndlessWar Team !!!