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Greetings dear players! In this announcement, we would like to tell you about the third part of the changes in professions and present a teaser for the Necromancer.

We are also pleased to announce that the OBT will take place on January 3. We will announce the exact time later.

After testing of the Fire Knight, the following changes were made:

- Fire Knight - the "Spirit of Fire" skill reduced the amount of damage returned.
- Fire knight - skill "Set fire to the ground" removed stun. Now it deals damage depending on the distance to the target.
- Fire Knight - "Severe Burn" curse, reduced damage over time.
- Fire Knight - "Charge" skill range is decreased.
- Barbarian - increased fixed damage inflicted by barbarians on targets with "Barbarian's Mark". Mark of the Barbarian now has 40% protection against cleansing.
- Barbarian - the skill "Barbarian Rush" reduced cooldown.
- Barbarian - "Strong Concussion" curse, reduced movement speed reduction.
- Barbarian - Onslaught skill, reduced overall defense, but increased critical strike chance. Also increased the duration of the de-buff after the amplification to 70 sec.
- Barbarian - skill "One soldier in the field", decreased accuracy, but increased physical attack and critical strike power.
- Barbarian - "Breathing Technique", increased attack speed and critical strike chance.
- Barbarian - the "Barbarian" skill, the maximum supply of CP is reduced, but the physical attack, attack speed and maximum HP are increased.

- Gladiator - the skill "Energy Blast" increased damage.

- Half-demon - "Demonic form", now the duration at all skill levels is 130 seconds.
- Half-demon - "Cursed blood" skill, reduced physical attack and vampirism, but increased attack speed and critical strike chance.

- Archer of the wall - "Archer of the Empire", now to get the maximum level of the buff 3 archers in a group are enough (including you).

- Dark Cardinal - "Blessing of the body", increased overall defense.

- Ice elemental - the "Ice Thorn" spell reduced the target's throwback distance.

- Oracle - now if a player is resurrected after the "Thread of Life" spell, he will have only 50% HP, CP and MP.

- Sage - "Surge of vital energy", increased regeneration of HP and CP, and also added movement speed.

- Swordsman of Destiny - now if a player resurrects after the "Cross of Destiny" skill, he will have only 50% of HP, CP and MP.

- Champion - skill "Reinforced jump" increased damage.
- Champion - strengthening the "Power Barrier", increased the regeneration of HP.

- Occultist - spell "Ritual of Salvation" increased cooldown.
- Occultist - "Ancient cult of death" spell not allowing to die, duration increased to 10 sec.

- Child of Darkness - the percentage of damage reduction from the "Dark Symbols" enhancement has been increased.

- Dancer of Darkness - "Attack Destruction" curse, increased accuracy and critical strike chance reduction.
- Dancer of Darkness - the distance of "Leap of Darkness" skill has been increased.
- Dancer of Darkness - curse "Crush by darkness", reduced reduction in magic defense and cooldown of skills, but increased reduction in physical defense.

- Ripper - now when using "Haste" will cancel enemy's target.
- Ripper - the distance of "Tormenting Grip" skill has been increased.
- Ripper - The Ripper buff, which increases attack speed to maximum, now lasts for 6 seconds.
- Ripper - "Enhanced Blood", which greatly reduces damage, is equal in duration to similar skills and lasts 4 seconds.

- Psycho - "Increased strength", the duration of the buff is reduced to 10 seconds.

- Healer - "Trance" curse, reduced overall defense reduction.

- Psychopomp - the "Soul Explosion" spell has increased cooldown.

- Madman - "Outburst of Anger" slightly reduced the regeneration of HP.
- Madman - the skill "Power ripple" reduced the cooldown and the bonus of physical attack, the chance of a critical strike, but added accuracy.
- Madman - "Wrath" buff, reduced physical attack, but increased critical strike chance.

- Farseer - "Time Control", reduced attack speed and casting speed reduction.
- Farseer - spell "Temporary distortion", increased cooldown.

- Arternis - "Combat Concentration" reduced the bonus of damage and the chance of dodging.
- Arternis - "Battle Boost Arternis", reduced bonus of skill cooldown and added accuracy.

- Lake Spirit - "Protection of the Lake Spirit" increased the percentage of incoming damage reduction.
- Lake Spirit - "Hiding in the Fog" increased movement speed, and added defense.

- Helix - the duration "Seed of Discord" spell has been increased to 5 seconds, and the number of attackers on the target has been increased to 7.

- Vengris - skill "Abduction of spiritual energy" increased the amount of restored HP when used on the enemy, as well as at the initial levels of the skill, increased bonus movement speed and critical strike power from the enhancement "Stolen spiritual energy".

- Spark - The chance to get a Bolt of Lightning Energy charge on a critical attack, which is required to use Space Slash, has been reduced to 50%.

- Farsia - "Other space", increased movement speed.

- Skill of archers "Accuracy of shooting", increased strength and critical strike chance, as well as increased critical strike chance of over strike.

- Skill of daggers "Bow mastery" reduced attack on monsters and distance of attacks. Also increased reduction of movement speed and agility when wearing a bow.

- Fire Knight, Protector of the Forest, Chaos Knight, Destroyer, Magneto and Crystal Knight - normal attacks during the action of the toggle "Circular Style" buff will deal damage to 10 targets at all skill levels.

- Paladin, Bonecrusher, Warrior of the Mountains, Gladiator, Dancer of Darkness, Champion - normal attacks during the action of the toggled skill "Circular style" will deal damage to 6 targets at all levels.

At the moment we are balancing all professions in PvP. Also we are working on additional bonuses when adding a property into a weapon.
We will tell about this and much more in the next announcement.

Best regards,
Endlesswar team.
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