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Greetings dear players! In this announcement, we would like to tell you about the new dungeon.

"A b y s s Rift"

The entrance to the Rift will be available to characters from level 70, both in solo and in a group of up to 7 people. Depending on the number of players in the Rift, the strength of the monsters, their number and reward will vary. The larger the group, the more monsters, they are stronger and more valuable the reward. But this does not mean that one player has nothing to do there, the Rift is designed in such a way that a solo player, using ingenuity and tactics, can achieve significant success and receive a significant reward.

Players will have to find the entrance to the Rift at locations in which portals will appear at regular intervals. They need to be stabilized. This can be done using the Crystal of Stabilization, which will be sold from the Supplier. Any player can use the Crystal on the portal (note that the skill cast is quite long) and open the passage to the dungeon. After that, any player or group can get into it through a dialogue with the portal (not necessarily the group or player that stabilized the portal), after the entrance of one player / group the passage will be closed. Be careful, there will be a pvp zone near the entrance to the Rift (there is a possibility of PvP with players of your race).


Dungeon is a room of 4 rooms, which are located at different levels and are connected in series by passages. The three lower rooms will contain defensive towers that you still have to rebuild. Up to 20 towers can be built in each room, 5 in each corner. In the uppermost room with towers there is an NPC from which you can purchase some consumables that will help in the fight against monsters in the dungeon, as well as purchase the Recommendations of the Head of the Race, the Recommendations of the Master, the Badges of the Defender for special currency, exchange the CA or leave the Rift. You can get this currency by going through certain waves.

There are 2 types of special currency in the Void Fissure:

1) Particle of the A b y s s - material that you will receive in small quantities when entering the Rift, and you will also receive it for killing monsters and completing levels in the dungeon. It is required to build and improve defense towers and purchase auxiliary items from the NPC in the Rift. The rest of the Void Particles after passing the dungeon, whatever the final result, disappear.

2) Symbol of the Void - material that can be obtained by defeating one of the bosses in the A b y s s Rift. These symbols can be exchanged with the NPC in the Rift for Recommendations or Defender Badges. After completing the Rift, they remain with the player, if they have not been spent.

The instance will consist of waves of monsters. At the start of each new wave, monsters will appear on the uppermost platform of the dungeon and run down to the lowest platform, into the portal.

Your task is do not let the monsters get to the portal. Defense towers will help you with it. You can also attack monsters, this will be necessary. The maximum number of monsters that the portal at the bottom of the dungeon can withstand is 30 (if the boss reaches the portal, it counts as 5), after which the passage of the dungeon will be completed.

Each player in the group that got into the dungeon will be assigned a different color (the nickname will also change its color to the assigned one). This is necessary so that there is no confusion about where and whose tower is located.

You can build a tower through a dialogue with an engineering tower.

This will require a small amount of Void Particles. You will be offered several options for defense towers: Tower of Fire, Tower of Water, Tower of Earth, Tower of Air, Tower of Ice, Tower of Lightning, Tower of Poison, Tower of Power and Tower of Loot.

Each Tower has its own functionality, indicators of damage and curses that they impose on monsters. All information about the tower will be available when it is selected. Some towers are able to enhance the effects of each other's curses.
After construction, the tower can be upgraded, this also requires a certain amount of A b y s s a l Particles. The higher the upgrade level, the more particles it needs. Towers will be more powerful with each level of attack. Separately, it is worth highlighting the 3rd and 5th levels, at which the tower attack speed increases. The maximum tower level is 8.

Every 10th wave, a boss will appear. The boss has increased amount of health and full immunity to curses from players. After defeating it, players will receive the Symbol of the A b y s s.

There will always be a bonus wave after the boss where you can get gold. The monsters of this wave do not count towards the monster count, so do not worry, even if you skip them to the portal.

After passing some waves, the NPC will notify you of an additional reward, namely the opportunity to try your luck in improving the Properties. This can be done through the NPC in the rift. Having an epic Property for a certain amount of gold, you can try to exchange it for the same, but a relic. But keep in mind that this is a chance and there is always room for a fail, but your Property will not be lost.

By attacking monsters in the Rift, you can get a curse, depending on the type of monsters. Protection from the corresponding curse can be obtained from one of the defense towers.

You must protect the portal as long as possible. Finale reward depends on it.

Changes may be made to the A b y s s a l Rift on release.

This concludes the review of the new dungeon! You can check it out by yourself during the OBT period or for the release of the project.