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    Greetings dear friends!
    Actual patch will be live 18.04.2019.

    First, there will be new alliances: Dark Elves + Dwarfs, Empire + Radiant Elves, Orcs + Artey.

    Also will be available 50% sale for race change option.

    Event coins drop is increased up to 3%.
    Lucky Chests now can be traded via trading services.
    Bug with costume exchange is fixed.
    All helpers now can use "Return" skill.

    Clan fortresses sieges now available only for clans. All clans will be aggressive to each other during the event. Race cant help clans in siege.

    Wind Lord - Bug with lethal strike on full HP is fixed.

    Archer class changes:

    All archer classes gain increased magic and physical resistances.
    "Heal" for all archer classes now has reduced cooldown.
    Shooting animation for all archers now faster.
    During faster shooting animation monster damage is reduced.

    Farcia - Teleportation cooldown is reduced.
    Farcia - Another Demention increased effect duration up to 3 sec.
    Farcia - Inner Power reworked. Now it is 2 different stances. Stances have no effect on stats. Energy Power is increasing physical attack, attack speed and movement speed, chance and power of critical strikes. Energy Stamina is increasing defensive ability and incoming heal.
    Farcia - "Mysterious Resistance" now gives an active skill that provides you immunity to all incoming damage for 4 sec.

    Sapper - Camouflage increased duration.
    Sapper - Dwarf charge reduced cooldown.
    Sapper - Dynamite arrow reduced cooldown.
    Sapper - Barrage Fire reduced cooldown and increased AoE.
    Sapper - Defensive Stance now provides with increased physical attack and physical resistance. Now has reworked cooldown and duration.

    Doom Archer - Orc Charge reduced cooldown.
    Doom Archer - Horde Spirit now gives increased regeneration and attack speed.
    Doom Archer - Fight Back now gives increased critical strike chance.
    Doom Archer - Doom Power Strike reworked. Now it gives chance and critical strike power. Also it is penetrate all blocks and defensive abilities.
    Doom Archer - Orc's Fury reduced cooldown and duration.
    Doom Archer - Battle Stamina now gives increased Health. And proc can be somewhere between 86 and 50% health.

    Ghost - Ghost Blink cast time and cooldown reduced.
    Ghost - Ghost Charge reduced cooldown.
    Ghost - Ghost skill reworked. Now it gives ghost armor that gives immune to damage for 4 sec. And gives increased physical attack.
    Ghost - Deadly Arrow now gives increased critical strike chance and damage.

    Moon Archer - Charge Forward reduced cooldown.
    Moon Archer - Range Tactics increased damage from range.
    Moon Archer - Genius Tactic increased damage from height.
    Moon Archer - Enchanted Arrows reworked into Moon Defense that increases defense accuracy and physical attack.
    Moon Archer - Counter Attack fixed duration and cooldown.

    Child of the Forest - Charge Forward reduced cooldown.
    Child of the Forest - Hawk now has increased range and damage.
    Child of the Forest - Hide reworked cooldown and duration.
    Child of the Forest - Aim Shot increased critical strike chance.
    Child of the Forest - Faster Evede reworked. Now has instant cast and gives protection against damage and almost fully reduce critical strike hits. Reduced duration.

    Wall Archer - Archer Charge reduced cooldown.
    Wall Archer - Long Shot reduced cooldwon.
    Wall Archer - Heavy Arrows Stance now took only 50 movement speed. Increased damage.
    Wall Archer - Stand Your Ground now has reduces cooldown and duration but greatly increased resistance, accuracy and physical damage bonuses.

    Phoenix Archer - Archer Charge reduced cooldown.
    Phoenix Archer - Phoenix Save reduced cast.
    Phoenix Archer - Fire Bird Falling increased ability power.

    Also we are planning on a huge event anytime soon.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
    EndlessWar team.

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