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    Greetings dear friends!
    Don't forget to update your game client.

    - Change of alliances: Horde + Empire + Radiant Elves + Dark Elves versus the union of Artey + Dwarves.

    - Added relict talisman of MA rank. To create it, you need an item - Relic base, which can be obtained by killing the bosses of the continent and the final boss of the Tomb of the Ancients, as well as many other resources. In more detail, all about creation of a talisman, you can look at the Jeweler.

    - Added the ability to change professions. Upon change, the player’s level will decrease to 50, and the amount of fame will be reduced by 50%. Also, the player will not be returned gold for the learned skills, but SP and recommendations of the master will be returned in full amount.

    Work on the development of 87+ is in full swing, wait for the news soon.

    Also, I would like to thank all the tournament participants and spectators. Well, in turn, we will hold such tournaments regularly and will soon automate it as much as possible so that this event becomes an integral part of the gameplay, starting from the very early stages of the server.

    In the next update there will be significant changes in most professions. Colossal work has been done to balance between professions and archetypes in general.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

    EndlessWar team.

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