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    Greetings dear friends!
    Now it is time to show you what we have done and what we are working on!

    Next episode of EndlessWar will be EndlessWar: Global Domination. Donation rating will remain 1 - 1 to Russian ruble, no sales. Offline trading remains free, auction house remains free.

    - We decided to completely remove re-race option from the game. Like we did it on XDrive sever.
    - We also decided to remove profession changing option on every stage of the game. According our statistics some classes we used only for farming or leveling, now it is impossible. Choose your profession widely now.

    - Now we gonna see changes we made between two servers. XDrive and Revolution. For example level up on 87 now gonna take less time than XDrive but longer than Revolution.

    - Exp potion will remain that strong and will be availavle once per day.
    - Delegate recommendation remain one per day.
    - Group monsters 85+ will be reduced population on 10-15%
    - Guild member capacity and bonuses will remain the same as XDrive. We are planning to make every stage of the game playable and enjoyable for all kind of players.

    - Resource gain will be less than on XDrive but greater than Revolution.
    - Chance to get EX or EL armor or weapon from sucks is increased.
    -For three weackest races there are two new locations. 30+ and 40+. All weack races will be able to level there without fear of being killed.

    - Now you can see level of any party member in Party overlay.
    - Now you can make description on any macros you have.
    - Armor Trader now can exchange 1 master material to 5 elite materials.
    - New costumes and cloackes were added to the game.
    - Jeweler's outfit option were merged.
    - Now you can see all your purchases and remaining time in chat window while login-in.

    - Group Arena were reworked into 3 - 3. Now max amount players in one team is 3 and you can fight any race that complete registration. (Even your friends and clan members.)

    - Lucky Boxes were reworked. Chances and most of the drop were removed but now you can get craft receipes, time limited helpers, agations, resources and God's Coins.

    - To participate in event "Looking for Relic Shards" you have to talk to "Ostiary". After that you will be able to collect them from outposts, monsters, outpost quests. Exchange it on Lucky Boxes or Keys.

    -Now you have to kill monsters instead of cutting them to complete dungeon entrance quest.

    - There is new event "Getting HOT". This is fun event that challenges your reaction and strategic abilities. Wins the one who survived in the area with traps. Any player can push others into traps or out of combat area! Area become smaller through the time so it wont take long to win. This is only FOR FUN event so dont expect reward being valuable.

    - We are working on 1 -1 arena for any player higher than 50. Beginning from level 80 arena becomes rating one. There will be 3 stages like Weak to weak, strong to strong. Also we are going to add runes to the arena that will change combat abilities greatly. This kind of arena is still in develop. Lately we are planning to highlight top rating players among others.

    - We are working on EndlessWar Data Base. Data Base hopefully will be available on release. You can find any info about the game there.

    - We are also working on level 87-100 content. Partly that content would be changed in future.

    - Level 87 - 90 would be available new location to farm. There will be quests, farming spots and some other feature to get new equipment of Perfect Rank.

    - Level 90 with Perfect Rank armor you will be able to get access to ancient grounds. This is new big location with different monsters and bosses. There might be 2-3 global bosses.

    - In ancient grounds you would be able to collect resources for perfect rank armor and new properties for the weapon.

    - Starting from level 90 there will be available level 20 talents to choose. You wont be able to get all the talents but each has its own special ability.

    - We are also planning to add sieges on Ancient Grounds.

    - You will be able to collect Artifact pieces on Ancient Grounds. The artifact pieces will be needed for new talents learning.

    - We are planning to add new talents for each class on levels 92, 94, 96, 98, 100. On each of this level you will be able to choose new talent with 1 of 3 special effects. To choose one you need a fully collected artifact from note above. You will be able to reset talents for God's Coins once per great amount of time.

    - This new content is still in develop so we are planning on balancing and testing it in nearest future.

    - Also we would like to tell you what should be done by release.

    - Battle Exp changes. We are planning to give Battle Exp per day.
    - Dagger classes new robbery mechanics. There is a chance to take small amount of resources from your target.
    - Changes fro recipes. There will be higher chance to get recipe you needed but with a higher price. Cost will be increased 2-3 times. Chance will be 70%.
    - New achievements were added to the game.
    - Mercenary Guild now gives new quests for solo players to gain buffs like clans and orders provide.

    - Other small fixes were made.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
    EndlessWar team.
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