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Greetings dear players! In this announcement, we would like to tell you about the current changes.

- Added hints for most of the aspects of the game. When the condition is met, a "light bulb" will appear in the lower right part of the screen.
https://gyazo.com/bff3034bfbfb786c9b3b91db3c1e8b00 When pressed, a dialog with a brief description and the possibility of more detailed acquaintance will open in the guide section on the forum.
https://gyazo.com/dbaa4654466eaca746af806febb (Temporarily in Russian) All existing tips will also be available in the main menu and will of course be supplemented. You can turn off hints at any time.

- Now, if there are 3 or more Champions (whites) nearby then "Brutality" will be activated which will greatly increase their regeneration.
- Now when you add special ability into a weapon, there is a chance to get up to 3 additional parameters https://gyazo.com/7249213dca0c255a94bef3c9c8e46787 (Temporarily in Russian). When you add Relic ones the chances will increase.
- Now the minimum value of movement speed is 50 units.
- Fixed visual bugs with armor and suits in hide.
- Increased the amount of mined resources at level 80+ locations.
- The amount of resources required to research weapons and armor of MA rank has been reduced.
- Reduced the amount of required unique resources for craft low and mid EL weapons as well as for craft low, mid and before-top EL armor.
- The number of items extracted from the carcasses has been reduced by 2 times.
- Attack speed of dual hammers is equal to dual swords.
- A "Bag of Resources" has been added as a reward from all 80+ monsters. You can get 2 types of different resources, previously obtained only by mining and from "Abandoned Resources".
- Added bonuses to experience, SP and salary. Increased damage to siege structures, depending on the position of the race in the updated rating. When creating a character, you can see what bonuses the selected race currently has.
- When registering for the "Prozharka" event players' nicknames will be randomly shuffled within the same field. Appearance of all participants of the event will be changed.
- In the special settings a new option has appeared that disables the effect of glowing armor on other players.
- Added new professions: Thunderer for Artei, Necromancer for Dark Elves and Hermit for Dwarves.
- Outpost quests (daily) now have a time limit. After completing the quest you can re-take it only after 24 hours.
- Upon reaching 88, 89, 90 levels the maximum amount of HP will be increased.
- Fixed bugs with recipes from the recipe book.
- Battle mages have reduced critical magic power, but spell power has been significantly increased.
- Also now the damage abilities of battle mages are slightly increased in one target, but reduced AoE damage.
- In some locations monsters have been added:

• Priestess - Monastery
• Draconid Guardsman - Dragon Desert
• Draconid Elder - Dragon Desert
• Demoness - Dark Forest
• Hunter of the Serpent Clan - Snake Swamps
• Fire Dragon - Inferno Cave
• Warrior - Demon Desert
• Striker - Ent Valley
• Earth Golem - Eilandile
• Golem - Eilandile
• Acolyte - Valley of the Ancients
• Guardians - Valley of the Ancients
• Grima - Crater
• Ceros - Crater

At the moment, testing of all professions in PvP and their balancing continues. Also, all the tools for helping weak races are being updated.
The ability to use promotional codes is being added, various contests and events both in-game and out-of-game are being worked out.
A new piece of equipment is being implemented that enhances the PvE. This item will be obtained and improved with drop obtained from killing and cutting monsters.

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