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Good day, dear users and players! In this announcement, we would like to tell you about the last changes.

The second and final OBT stage has been launched.

- Child of Darkness - "Child of Darkness" you will receive a new active skill that will allow you to attack several enemies at once.

- Swordsman of Blood - "Explosion of Blood" with "Use of Blood" will take 20% of the current amount of HP and deal 40% additional damage.

- Butcher - "Deafening cleaver" increased time to re-use.

- Warrior of the Mountains - "Defensive stance" toggle skill, the minimum distance from which the damage will be reduced has been increased and the percentage of this damage reduction has been reduced by 20%.

- Warrior of the mountains - "Strengthen the mountains" increased the time to re-use.

- Madman - "Burst of aggression" reduced resistance to negative spells to 70% and controls to 35%.

- Madman - the ban time for re-receiving the "Agony" enhancement has been increased to 40 seconds.

- Healer - "Effective drug" increased time to re-use.

- Seer - "Time control" reduced the cooldown bonus of skills and magic, but increased bonus attack speed.

- Added gold drop in Abyssal Rift from bonus wave monsters.

- Added 2 new achievements:
Hold the first 10 waves of Abyssal Rift monsters
Hold the first 20 waves of Abyssal Rift monsters

- Fixed bugs with jumping to the target after which the character was thrown back.

- Now Potion of Valor and Drink of Vigor do not subside when switching subclasses.

- A subclass certificate is available for purchase for gold and coins of the gods.

- Fixed a bug in the price of upgrading the Battle Cloak.

- All players have their bracelets removed and the button for buying bracelets has been removed from the OBT panel.

- Increased the number of talent points for achievements to increase the character level in the "Character and development" section.

- Increased the cost of adding and removing properties into weapons.

- In the Abyssal Fissure exchanger the number of Defender Marks needed for the Abyssal Symbol has been fixed .

- Reduced the cost of cooldown parameters in jewelry for a salary.

Best regards,
Endlesswar team!