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    Greetings dear friends!
    Don't forget to update your game client.

    - The boss of the tombs of the ancients 80+ reduced overall protection and the amount of health.
    - Strengthening the boss of the tomb of the ancients "Rage" - reduced the increase in general protection and the amount of health.
    - Champion - now the skill “Double Power Impulse” can be used only in light armor and with dual swords in hand.
    - Fixed a bug due to which strengthening the "Prozharka Bonus" did not increase the amount of dexterity when hunting monsters.
    - Changed and improved interface for viewing results after the end of group arenas and the Olympics.
    - Knight of Fire - accelerated animation of a meteorite falling from the "Fire Meteor" skill.
    - Fixed a bug due to which groups registered in the 3 by 3 arena were with the players who were registered in the 10 by 10 arena.
    - Now the minimum number of players for fights in the arena 10 by 10 is reduced to 5.
    - Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to push the player out of the siege tent with the Lead Forward power stone skill.
    - Fixed a bug due to which the reinforcements of the mercenary guild did not fall when joining an order or guild.
    - Powerstone: Siege potential - Reduced damage bonus on siege structures from 300% to 100%.
    - Fixed a bug due to which after the dissolution of the guild, the leader of the order could exclude himself from the order.
    - Now the order can simultaneously participate in the siege of the order of the hall and come to the aid of protecting the order of the hall. Previously, a certain sequence was needed.
    - Now at the Olympiad all the amplifications will be removed, except for the main ones, like alchemy, blood potions, etc.
    - Search for the way - the restriction was removed, because of which it was impossible to transfer the progress of achievements if one of the characters had letters.
    We also want to assure you that work on 87+ content is in full swing and you will be able to try it soon.

    And tonight there will be a separate post with details on the tournament, which will be held in early February

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

    EndlessWar team.

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