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    Greetings dear friends!
    Don't forget to update your game client.

    We wanna introduce you.
    Currently, 87+ content development and preparations for the upcoming tournament are in full swing.

    By new content:

    Further character development will be available.
    Added new locations, new monsters with their interesting features, a large number of new tasks that differ from those to which you are already accustomed, new squads and bosses, and many additional events.

    We also want to tell you about the upcoming tournament.

    The planned date is February 8 (subject to change).

    The forum will start pre-registration of teams.

    Battles will take place 10 by 10, in three different modes, designed for different levels of players and their equipment.

    There will be a class limitation: a team cannot have more than 2 healers, 2 mentalists and 2 knights.

    The minimum number of people to register is 5.

    70-79 with limited use of power stones.
    70-87 with limited use of power stones.
    70-87 without limits.

    There will be a small entry fee in the form of gold, which will subsequently form part of the prize pool.
    Another part of the prize fund will be 50 thousand rubles and 30 thousand coins of the gods.

    The prize pool will be distributed evenly. There will be no such situation that the team which won the first place will take the lion's share.

    During fights in the tournament, most passive skills, such as "Artifact / Castle / Fortress Ownership", bonuses and active skills from the status of a hero, the best killer, leader of the race, will not be available to participants.

    Also, cloaks obtained in the group arena and passive skills of clans will not be available.

    Briefly - all active and passive skills that are not professional will be unavailable.

    Within one battle, there will be a limit on the use of resurrections for each team. Maximum - 3.

    The venue will be held by the NPC, in which all participants will be able to receive level 7 alchemical amplifications.

    For all players, the function of viewing fights in the tournament will be available, both in group arenas and the Olympics.

    By the start of the tournament, any of the above points can be changed!

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

    EndlessWar team.

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