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Greetings dear friends!
Don't forget to update your game client.
We remind you of preparations for the launch of the next Triumph server on May 8, 18:30 Moscow time.

Today we will touch on several important topics. The first is the launch of OBT. For a very long time, we doubted the necessity of holding it for many reasons, but in the end we decided to still provide the opportunity for players to see professions and some changes. Of course, we all understand that everyone has their own opinions on the same situation, so the forum will be tightly controlled and we will remove any PR from any professions and classes, let each player make his own choice. The opening of OBT will take place on May 5 during the day, we will try early, and will be closed on May 7 in the evening.

Your gratitude and donations are very important for the normal operation of the project, we always appreciate any of your help for the project. The pricing policy on our servers is as loyal as possible and it seems like returning even a small part of donations to a full-fledged (non-Xdrive) server sounds wild, but there are a number of points that make us think about you at the expense of the project.
1) For many, the previous server was not the long-awaited salvation, for which we apologize and have already corrected our mistakes.
2) In connection with the crisis in the world, we understand that for many, full-fledged donations will hit the pocket. Therefore, in order not to ruin the economy of our server, we decided to return part of the donations in a special way in which we can express our gratitude to you and not destroy the economic structure of currencies at the start of the server.
And so, to all those who were not blocked for breaking the rules, for the entire time of the third episode we will refund 30% of all donations, but will return them as a bonus for new donations. How will it look like? A new Bonus account will appear in your account, we will have 30% of your donations on the previous server, then for every third coin of the gods in your donations you will receive +1 coin from your bonus until you spend all the bonuses. For example, you have 1000 bonuses, donating 3000 coins you will receive 4000 coins, and after that the bonuses will end.

Changes to the election system of the race leader and generals:

- Now the election cycles are completed once a week, on Monday, along with the issuance of heroes.

- Now the title of general race can be obtained by participating in the elections for 2,3,4 place in the number of votes. Accordingly, 1,2,3 general - number affects the received share of taxes.

“If the generals were not chosen by fair vote, the race leader will be able to appoint the missing generals through a special action.”

- Only the leader of the race still has the opportunity to appoint generals, and can also buy and use the Battle flag during the siege of the castle.

“Now you cannot remove the general of the race from office.”

- Now the receipt of taxes for the leader and generals is automatic and divided into shares. The leader receives 35% \ 1st general receives 30% \ 2nd general receives 20% \ 3rd general receives 15% of total tax income.

- Now absolutely everyone can transfer the taxes available in the inventory to any chosen representative of the race leadership.

- Removed the skill of the leader and generals “Punishment of the General”, allowing you to send the enemy to the capital from the siege.

“As you already know, the cost of using the Gate of the Race has been reduced to 20 taxes.

- Now bonuses of a weak race affect the basic tax bonus. 1 level + 20 \ 2 level + 40 \ 3 level + 50.

- https://i.gyazo.com/a60cda9fa53baef587f1af9f13f291de.png Elective place - information has been expanded, now you can find out some parameters about the current leadership, as well as candidates.

Changes in the calendar of events:

- Now all events are tied only to the days of the week, and each week is equally saturated in the number of events. Here is a table for you, save for convenience, until a better game version of the calendar appears. We hope that such a distribution of gaming events will simplify the daily routine and plans for the week as much as possible. https://i.gyazo.com/68eaa9843b2cb5e4d5c78bb29554c208.png - Calendar

https://i.gyazo.com/9cff1c261ef4682d16aa7885084d965f.png - Loops.

- Cities. As you can see, the siege time has not changed, but now 2 sieges pass simultaneously. Also, sieges of cities have a special sequence that will be dynamically displayed in the information map.

- Locks. Now they take turns once a week, and now race leaders do not need to choose a siege date. Pay attention to the change in the siege time, now it starts at 19:00 and uploaded at 22:00 (earlier it started at 21:00 and ended at 24:00) Moscow time for many it was inconvenient.

- Guild Fortresses. Now 2 sieges take place at a time, moreover, the siege cycle is thought out so that all levels of fortresses are available within one week. The time of the siege has also been changed, now it starts at 19:00 and uploaded at 21:00 (earlier it started at 21:00 and ended at 23:00) Moscow time.

- Order Halls. Still 3 sieges in one day, also now sieges take place from 18:00 to 20:00 Moscow time. This will not overlap with the siege of the city.

- The Ant Battle. There are no special changes, except that on Saturday AB and the siege of the city will intersect in one hour.

- Battles for possession of the artifact. Now they do not go every day, but strictly according to the appointed days of the week. The battle time was also changed from 20:00 - 21:00 Moscow time (one hour later) and also intersected at the same time as the siege of cities and the castle.

- Caravans and roasting unchanged.

- The time of the Olympics and the Complex Arena has changed, and they no longer intersect, but take turns replacing each other with a short rest break. It is also worth noting that the Olympics are now taking place more often. The time of the complex arenas and the Olympics will be displayed in the familiar interface.

- Sunday. We decided to make this day as free from events as possible, only the Olympics and the group arena will be available. Also, at the end of the day, we decided to devote 4 hours to the planned tournament. It is worth considering that on the first Sunday of the tournament there will not be yet.

In the next announcement, I will tell you about the latest changes in professions, as well as more about the tournament and the procedure for its holding. We are gradually launching advertising at different sites and in different places, but the best advertising is a good word from you, so you can always contribute to the PR project. Follow the news, discuss, write your opinion, respectfully team.

Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

EndlessWar team.
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