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Greetings dear players!
Today we want to tell you about the work done and the changes on the server.

Keep in mind that English patch is not in the game yet, so screenshots presented here is more visualization.
In game patch will be later before the opening.

- Added a new event "A b y s s Rift".






- Added daily reward for entering the game. You can get it after 60 minutes of being in the game, on any character within the same account. The next reward will only be available after you collect the current reward. The update takes place at 00:00 Moscow Time Zone.


Added new items:

- Novice Protection Potion, which reduces damage from characters higher level.

- Hunting Energy Regeneration Potion, which restores energy up to a maximum of level 4. These items can be obtained as a reward for daily entry, as well as in weak races by various methods.

- Change stamp - will be issued to players whose profession has been significantly weakened (the decision to issue an item will be made by the administration)

- Added GM rank weapons and armor.

- Added new Traveler Coins, which can be obtained as a reward for entering, in newbie chests and for other activities. For them, you can buy the Scrolls of Travel and the Gate of Return from the Alchemist.

- Removed common blanks and added new universal ones, which will not differ in the type of weapon, only in its strength (grade). In this regard, the chance of obtaining is reduced.

- Fixed an issue where the candidate race leader urn would reappear after being deleted.

- Increased the healing power of the healers of the boss Lord Daros.

- The Tyrant boss spawn point has changed slightly.

- Boss Lord of Magma - the radius of damage from a fire trap has been adjusted to the visual size of the trap.

- Slightly weakened buffs of the boss "Tyrant".

- Boss Lord of Magma - the radius of the "Incinerating Flame" skill has been increased.

- Increased the power of bleeding from the skills of the boss Fierce Werewolf and his servants.

- Changed the election system. Now the candidates who took the 1st and 2nd places will become the Race Leader and the First General, respectively, and the other two generals are issued by the Race Leader independently.

- Reduced the amount of salary for the destruction of an enemy battle flag during a castle siege to 1000.

- Reduced the amount of salary during the siege of the city for capturing flags. The side flag is 300 salaries and the main flag is 500 salaries.

- Now, for the destruction of fortifications and outposts, you will receive attacker's badges, which can be exchanged with the Head of the Race for defender badges.

- If the race has the passive skill "Warrior Race" of level 3, for owning 16 or more outposts, then you will not receive defender's badges for participating in defense and you will not receive attacker's badges for capturing outposts. Only for kills in defense of their outposts.

- Reduced the amount of salary for successfully defending your outpost. You will receive 350 salaries and 3 defender badges.

- Reduced the number of salaries for participating in the defense of the outpost. For each tick, you will receive 200 salaries and 1 defender badge.

- Increased salary for destroying fortifications and outposts by 50%.

- Combat and defense buffs for all healers of all races now empower all allied players in a group, regardless of race.

- Reduced the radius of the "Trade boss".

- Added new quick transitions (jumps). In the capitals of all races, you will see circles, entering which you will have the opportunity to quickly move around the capital. Also added the service "Aristocrat's Privilege" from the supplier, in the "Professional package" section, which will open access to such fast transitions on the continent.


Additionally, this service includes the possibility of full restoration HP, CP and MP at the "Fountain of Life" in the capital, near the Guardian of the Portal after level 50. Up to level 50, all players will have this opportunity.

You can turn off the display of the starting points of these quick transitions in Actions -> Special settings and uncheck the "Display jumps on the map" item.




- Defender of the forest - skill "Strength of the forest" - now tree roots trigger, only with a spear.

- Sniper Demolitionist - The Shrapnel skill has been converted into a regular mass skill that will curse enemies around the target for 6 seconds.

- Increased the duration of "Movement" (invisibility) after using the scroll of movement to 25 seconds.

- Now the Hero Assassin is reset to zero every Monday at 01:00, along with the issuance of heroes and race leaders. In this regard, a new column "Killed / Died in 7 days" has been added to the characteristics window.

- Now, for the first three races in the ranking, movement through the gatekeeper will become paid and will depend on the number of captured territories. And the last three races, in addition to the absence of movement fees, added the ability to move to the continent, the price will depend on their place in the rating and the number of territories captured.

- Now, after the end of registration for the "Prozharka" event, there will be random shuffling of all registered players.

- If you are stuck in the "parallel world", then using any available return to the capital, you will be taken to the "original world".

- Now everyone will be able to rate your luck, and upon successful sharpening of any item from +8 and above, all players on the server will receive a corresponding notification.

- Now, upon reaching level 90 and completing all quest chains in the Lands of the Ancients, the player receives the Grandmaster status and the corresponding icon in the goal window and character status. The Grandmaster status allows you to wear equipment of the Grandmaster rank and gives access to level 90+ locations.

- Reduced the experience and skill reward for killing Champions (whites) by 30-50%.

- Increased the experience and skill reward for killing ordinary monsters by 15-20%.

- Added new statuses. Now, along with the best "Assassin" and "Hero", on Monday at 01:00, the statuses of "Hunter" and "Gatherer" will be given for killing monsters and collecting resources, respectively. They will also have additional skills and active skills.

- Added the function to get 3 subclasses (professions) at level 80.



- Added a new parameter for the Talisman of Impeccability (Rel MA) - Morale reserve.

- Reduced the drop rate of the Relic base from bosses and the Tombs of the Ancients, required to create the Talisman of Impeccability (Rel MA)

- Removed the service "Finding the Target"

- The health of bosses and their servants has been increased by 2 times.

- In the lands of darkness, blanks have been removed from the reward for killing monsters.

- In the lands of darkness 76+, for monsters Enslaved assassin, Enslaved sorcerer, Enslaved warrior increased attack power.

- In the tomb of the ancients, the power of the "Apocalypse" is doubled.

- Reduced reward for quests in the Lands of the Ancients.

- Reduced the waiting time before re-using the "Cut" skill at the first 3 levels.

- Added new collectors helpers.

- Now defender badges and reputation points are not transferred.

- Removed the ability to exchange trophies for reputation points.

- Added new parameters for the Battle Cloak - Agility and Accuracy.

- For completing tasks of the guild of mercenaries, now you will additionally receive a salary.

- Fixed a bug due to which during a castle siege it became impossible to attack the castle wall.

- A new unique "Skin of the Legendary Warrior" has been added to the "Appearance" section for the Jeweler, which increases the movement speed by 10 units, allows you to use the services of the portal keepers for free, and also includes the Aristocrat privilege.

- Added new hats.

- When enhancing a spear from +4 and above, the attack speed will be increased.

- Increased the chances of sharpening items from +4 and above.

- Now, when enhancing armor from +6 and above, a glow will appear along the character's outline.

What is being worked on at the moment:

- Work is underway on three new mage professions for Artнi, Dark Elves and Dwarves.

- Changing existing professions, but we will talk about this in more detail in a separate topic.

- 90+ talents and content.

- Changing the arena - now the difficult arena will run for 2 hours, every second day. The group registration function will also be removed. All players will be registered in the general list and teams will be formed from all registered players, regardless of race.

- Development of a new event "War Zone".

- Now, when creating a character, you will see new bonuses for leveling races, bonus salaries and siege damage, which will change in real time. These bonuses will depend on the new rating, which will include many parameters and more accurately reflect the position of the races in the rating.

- Killing a target through the death auction will reduce the target's experience percentage. There will also be auto-adding targets to the death auction.

And that's not all. We will write in more detail about the work done and planned in the next announcements. Follow the news.

We also want to inform you that the opening of the new server will take place in early 2021.

Best regards,
Endlesswar team.
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