Cataclysm. New bonuses.

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Friends, еhis is our last prelaunch patch note, in which we will tell you a lot of interesting things.

We also want to present a promo!

- The first sieges and events will begin on Saturday, 30/01/2021 at 14:00 Moscow time zone.

- The first Bosses will start appearing 7 days after the start of the server.

- The status of Hero, Hunter, Gatherer, Race Leader and Generals will be issued on Monday 1.02.2021 at 01:00.

- The tournament info will be soon.

I would also like to bring together information on weak races bonuses and balancing forces on the server:

- When creating a character, you will see new leveling bonuses for races , a salary bonus and siege damage, which will change in real time. These bonuses will depend on the new rating, which will include many parameters and more accurately reflect the position of the races in the rating.

- For the first 3 races in the rating, all movements through the Portal Keeper are now paid and will depend on the number of possessions. And the last 3 races can move for free.

- For the last 3 races in the ranking, the Portal Keeper will have the opportunity to move to the continent for a small fee. The cost of moving will depend on the number of possessions.

- For the last 3 races in the rating, the Portal Keeper will have the opportunity to give the "Novice Defense" buff, which will reduce the damage from high-level characters, depending on the difference in level. With a maximum difference of 30 or more levels, the damage will be reduced by 35%.

- The more outposts a race owns, the less it will receive salaries for participating in their protection. When owning more than 16 outposts, the race will no longer receive Defender's Marks for defense and Attacker's Marks for capturing outposts.

- If necessary, every Monday, weak races will be given a Level 1 Novice Chest, which includes: scrolls of movement, potions, cards of experience, SP, courage and hunting.

- Also, if necessary, the outposts of weak races will be imposed "Strengthening siege structures".

In nearest future the function of receiving a bonus for new characters up to level 79 will be activated, which will increase the salary bonus from sieges.

Best regards,
Endlesswar team!