Last changes. Part 3

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Greetings, dear players !
Today we are going to tell you more about changes!

Mage changes:

- Inquisitor "Holy punishment" added periodic damage.
- Inquisitor "Crucifixion" magic reduction is removed, now it's just a CC spell.
- Inquisitor "Inquisitor's punishment" added magic protection reduction.
- Inquisitor "Church knowledge" removed additional mechanic for critical attacks to reduce magical protection and periodic damage.

- Archmage "Fire Blast" now imposes 100% on opponents the "Ignite" effect.
- Archmage "Fire Magic" enhancement "Fire Charge" now, instead of stunning on the fifth charge, will inflict 20% more damage on the enemy.
- Archmage "Rain of Fire" to the effect on enemies "Incinerate" has been reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.
- Archmage "Molten Sky" no longer imposes the "Ignite" effect on enemies, but instead stuns 100% of the target and 30% of the surrounding target for 3 seconds.
- Archmage "Fiery Chains" no longer stun the enemy, but have the mechanics of the usual root.
- Archmage "Tongues of Flame" is now an active 3-hit magic boost, which will increase the magical attack and the power of critical magic.
- Archmage "Lord of Fire" added bonus to general defense.

- Water Elemental "Water Concentration" reworked. Now immediately increases magical attack, critical magic, casting speed, and physical defense.

- Lord of the Wind "Tornado" now has an additional effect of the same name on opponents, which will slow down and cause periodic damage.

- Lord of Darkness "Infernal Destruction" now has an additional effect on opponents, which reduces the effectiveness of healing.
- Lord of Darkness "Absorb Energy" increased base strength.

- Warlock "Freezing Flame" increased the decrease in movement speed and added periodic damage.
- Warlock "Great Sorcery" increased magic attack bonus.

- Sand Spirit "Desert Frenzy" added a small chance of absolute dodge.

- Rock "Power of the earth" removed passive micro-stunning.
- Rock "Rockfall" removed the reduction of physical protection, but increased the reduction of magic protection and added periodic damage.
- Rock "Concentration of the core" in addition to the main mechanic, now immobilizes the target for 3 seconds (normal root).

- Alchemist "Explosive Projectile" increased the chance of a second explosion, also the effect increased periodic damage.
- Alchemist "Mad Alchemist" added bonus to general defense.

- Wizard "Aether Blast" now has an additional effect on opponents, which slows down and deals damage over time.
- Wizard "Force Awakens" buff no longer has a chance to paralyze the enemy. Now each critical attack will deal additional damage.

- Venomancer "Snake Gaze" skill no longer has a chance to paralyze the enemy. Now has a chance to deal 10% more damage on a critical attack.
- Venomancer "Poisoned Bullet" increased the base power of the skill to the level of the enhanced one. Cooldown increased by 2 seconds. Also, a strong slow has been added to the Helpless effect on the enemy.

- Elementalist "Elemental Control" reduced cooldown to 5 seconds, but now it's fixed.

Changes Heavy Damage Dealers:

- Paladin "Lion Dash" cast removed when used. Also, the "Noble Lion" effect no longer protects against curses and its duration has been increased from 8 to 12 seconds.
- Paladin "Protection of the Skies" has been seriously reworked. The buff can no longer be used in control and has no purification effect. Instead, the duration has been increased from 4 to 5 seconds, the absorption of damage is also 90%, in addition, the effect has full protection from negative spells and control.

- Swordsman of the Moon "Great Swordsman" reduced the chance of micro-stun during critical attacks from 30 to 10%, but the protection from control has been removed.
- Swordsman of the Moon "Enhance Armor" increased duration from 4 to 5 seconds, increased absorption of damage from 80% to 90%, and now the effect has full protection from curses and control.

- Swordsman of Blood "Power of Blood" removed the accumulation and use of enhancements "Power of Blood".
- Swordsman of Blood "Breach Armor" now has a permanent effect like it did with Blood Buff. Lasts 5 seconds.
- Swordsman of blood "Blast of blood" caste reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds, reduced cooldown, increased base damage. The mechanic in which the power of blood was used and the HP was taken away was removed. Now paralyzes enemies for 3 seconds, after which they will be slowed down and take heavy periodic damage for 5 seconds. At this time, the Swordsman of Blood will receive an 8-second buff "Demon's Blood", which will significantly increase physical attack, attack speed and critical attack chance, and attacks will replenish HP in the amount of 1% of your target's HP.
- Swordsman of blood "Ritual of blood" now the mechanic for which, the "Power of blood" was needed, works on an ongoing basis (you will steal HP from opponents in your vicinity. The more HP opponents have, the more damage will be).
- Swordsman of Blood, "Ritual Leap" now, Swordsman of Blood will receive an effect for 4 seconds, completely protecting from curses and control, and the enemy will receive a strong slowdown.

- Bonecrusher "Bonecrusher" reduced the chance of micro-stunning the enemy during critical attacks from 30% to 5%, but completely removed protection from control.
- Bonecrusher "Crusher" completely removed the mechanics of removing the shield.
- Bonebreaker "Deathmatch" enhancement can no longer be used while CC, and no longer has the purification effect. The Deathmatch buff itself still has full curse and control protection and lasts for 6 seconds. And also the increase in general defense during the action has been increased.
- Bonebreaker "Aggressive Offensive" no longer has the effect of full purification when used, also the boost after a second level jump no longer has protection from provocations, and the boost after a third level jump no longer has protection from control, only partially from provocations.

- Warrior of the Mountains "Offensive Formation" stance decreased control resistance bonus.
- Warrior of the Mountains "Battle Horn" buff, now works not for the group, but only for himself.
- Warrior of the Mountains "Energy of the Mountains" no longer gives the active buff "Strengthen the Mountains", which increased the movement speed for 4 seconds and blocked damage above 300.
- Warrior of the Mountains "Lord of the Mountains" buff, completely reworked, it can no longer be used in control, and it does not have a complete cleansing effect. Now lasts 5 seconds, increases movement speed, absorbs 90% damage, and has full protection from curses and control. Cooldown is fixed.

- Vengris "Protection of the Vengris" mechanics changed, removed the automatic strengthening of protection when the critical value of health is reached, now there is an active reinforcement with a fixed cooldown "Protection of the Vengris" which allows to absorb 90% of damage for 5 seconds and fully protects from curses and control.

Best Regards,

EndlessWar Team!