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    Greetings dear friends!

    We are planning on further development of the server but now let me present you New Episode of EndlessWar.

    New PvP server EndlessWar: xDrive will be available 17 may 2019 with tons of features.

    More about server:

    - It is PvP oriented server with boosted leveling and equipment progress.
    - We are planning to collect a bunch of people from other different projects. Also there will be solo and party oriented content.
    - All premium shop prices remain its sales and discounts.
    - 50% of your previous donation will be back. Everyone who broke server rules will gain only 30% of his donation.
    - Lucky Event will be prolonged.
    - Race change option will not be available.
    - Exp\SP gain will be increased 3-4 times. Drop from resources also will be increased
    - Salary gain will be increased 3 times.
    - Talismans and underwear can not be traded to NPC to boost rare materials drop.
    - Guild capacity on level 3 and higher reduced
    - Order and Clan hall trader now gives less gold.
    - Order skills now gives less stats.
    - Clan skills now gives less stats to balance it correctly.
    - Power Stones cost is reduced.
    - Daily missions can be finished once per 3 days. To complete those your level have to be +1 -3 to monsters.
    - Offline trade now available for everyone.
    - All MA sets now have PvP stats.
    - Vampirism amount is reduced twice.
    - All cooldowns are reworked. Now there is a fixed cooldown for skills. Also Cooldown reduction stat will be available in character window. Maximum cooldown reduction now is 90%.
    - Movement speed for all classes is reworked.
    - All movement skill are reworked. Now most agile classes are daggers. All cooldowns on movement skills are increased overall. For example heavy classes now have longer cooldowns.

    - Mountain Warrior - "Offence" now has no damage reduction.
    - Paladin - "Heaven Blessing" has less damage reduction percentage.
    - Imperial Knight - "Barrier" has less damage reduction percentage.
    - Vengris - reduced splash damage.
    - Occultist - "Demonic Cult" now solo target. Cooldown reworked.
    - All tanks now has critical damage reduction in defense skills.

    Other some small and critical fixes.
    Also we are planning to open daily dungeon.

    Do remember that we are planning on a lot more PvP content.

    Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
    EndlessWar team.

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