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Greetings dear friends!
Don't forget to update your game client.

Before OBT, we decided to prepare a final announcement in which we briefly remind you of all the important changes that are clearly worth considering. The new opening has already attracted many players, and we are ready to meet your expectations as much as possible, creating all the conditions for a better game. Continue preparation, call more friends, create new clans and orders, a new war is coming, in which you will experience many emotions, big and small victories. We wish you to spend time in advance in comfort and get maximum pleasure.

And so let's get started:

- There are 7 people in the group and order. The clan has a maximum of 42.

- Updated database, interactive map, jewelry calculator, etc.

- A new system of bonuses in your account, which allows you to thank everyone who supports the project with your donations without dropping the price.

- The game rates are low - drop, collecting resources, getting gold, reduced. The first stop cap will be at level 70, and then every week 3-4 levels will be removed.

- A new hunting energy system, which will additionally equalize all players in the leveling speed. https://i.gyazo.com/6c64a09b78d6e59a8c728b7050976757.mp4

- Global rework of Power Stones, reduced impact and production.

- Reduced the impact of a gap in the development of characters.

- Global balancing of professions, classes and races.

- Chests of the Ancients (Slavik) - the drop has been redone and new useful maps of experience, SP, hunting and courage have been added. https://i.gyazo.com/845934275181e7c7540fab02da846c86.mp4

- Updating the tasks of the capital once a week with a common cycle on Monday.

- A significant change in achievements in a smoother execution mode, also some achievements have been changed in the direction of simplifying the execution. New achievements added.

- Implementation of buying through a sales service. Also, the sales service was significantly improved in the work of searching and receiving items when buying. https://i.gyazo.com/4a2a805de22912dbc21747984dec3f77.mp4

- Ability to change gender and character model. https://i.gyazo.com/cbdb49d826b30f06a325cd6754142b4c.mp4

- Removed the transfer of jewelry for salaries and the transfer of combat raincoats.

- A new implementation of combat raincoats with a choice of the necessary characteristics. A visual appearance of the cloak can be selected from a jeweler. https://i.gyazo.com/1430186aca3ea09e1fcf4a94532c35b3.mp4

- A new system for sharing combat experience. https://i.gyazo.com/aa1a904b753d51ebd64eeb5559944bd8.mp4

- A new guild war system that allows you to prove superiority and get bonuses in battles.

- New event system with reference to the days of the week https://i.gyazo.com/68eaa9843b2cb5e4d5c78bb29554c208.png

- Significant changes in the election system of the leader of the race and generals, as well as in the distribution of taxes.

- Removed the loss of parts of the artifact from the monsters of the artifact.

- Removed the system of X monsters, now this system of group farming and leveling has been transferred to the Champions. This will make any setup feel good, not just magicians and professions with AOE damage.

- Updated the need to capture and hold outposts (as well as other territories). Updated outpost protection. Also, the system of sieges made many interesting additions and changes, which you can learn about from past announcements.

- Reminder, that you may not have found a new relict talisman, the basis of which can be obtained from raid bosses and the boss in the dungeon. This talisman allows you to choose 3 characteristics you need. https://i.gyazo.com/02d47199f6852a443c9c45942bb06fb6.mp4

- Also, you will find the long-awaited and fully completed stage 87-90 in the lands of the ancients. This stage is full of many new monsters, as well as unique and interesting tasks.

- Late entry of bosses into the world, 9 after the start of the server. Also you will be waiting for 20 bosses.

- Holding a global and multi-stage 7 on 7 tournament with a prize pool of 100,000 rubles.

- Also, weekly contests await you (you'll learn more about this later).

- This is not the whole list of changes, in more detail you can familiarize yourself with everything if you read all the news topics in the Triumph section.

Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.

EndlessWar team.